Sustainable Design & Engineering

Providing holistic and sustainable solutions for our clients through energy efficiency and responsible management of natural resources is a true commitment of our company. We have comprehensive knowledge of various different green building rating systems and have partnered with many teams of architects, engineers, and other industry professionals on successful sustainable projects. We are LEED Accredited Professionals by the USGBC for Building Design and Construction.

Our Sustainable Design Service Offerings Include:

  • Design, plans, and specifications for new construction and existing buildings

  • Deep understanding of criteria and proficiency with submittal requirements for LEED projects

  • Knowledge and experience with HI-CHPS documentation and certification process

  • Innovative HVAC and plumbing designs that support sustainable goals by

    • Optimizing energy-efficiency and life-cycle cost

    • Enhancing Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

    • Achieving optimal thermal comfort and control for building occupants

    • Maximizing acoustical performance of air distribution

    • Conserving, collecting, and reusing water wherever possible

    • Eliminating the use of refrigerants that have Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP)

  • Comprehensive and accurate building energy modeling

  • Commissioning (Cx) of building systems, equipment, and controls

  • Life-Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) to determine the most cost-effective options

  • Integrative and collaborative team-oriented approach to sustainable design projects