We provide a full range of Mechanical Engineering services to a variety of markets throughout the Hawaiian Islands


Commercial, EDUCATION, Hospitality, AOAO / Condo / HOA, Residential, Retail, Government


The facilities of today and of the future require engineering solutions that respond to complex and evolving business environments. Our solutions to these challenges continue to advance with the changing aspirations of developers, owners, and occupants. Crossland Engineering provides a customized range of services and designs depending on the needs of each specific project across a wide variety of commercial buildings.


Academic facilities from K-12 to colleges and universities that meet high performance principles are environmentally sustainable and healthy places of learning. These facilities demonstrate that although emerging technologies and solutions may be new, they need not be complicated, expensive, and unreliable. We collaborate on flexible and innovative designs that produce effective educational spaces with attention to detail and budget.


Hotels and resorts consist of many different spaces that necessitate varying design requirements. We employ optimized system design strategies that produce comfortable and adaptable environments for guests while maintaining low operating costs for the business. Our integrated approach to every project achieves spaces for guests and facilities for owners that exceed expectations in terms of quality, convenience, and value for money.

Aoao / Condo / HOA

From high-rise apartment and condo buildings to small scale residential developments, we believe that progressive system designs can bring about a better quality of life for residents, true value for property owners, and sustainable solutions that benefit all. We work closely with community associations to understand what success looks like to them and help them make that vision a reality. This allows us to achieve our clients' goals by designing the right systems for the application and delivering a successful project.


In recent years, systems and components contained in cutting-edge homes have become increasingly interconnected and automated. This calls for a new generation of designs that provide owners with premium comfort, precise control, and pleasing aesthetics while ensuring maximum efficiency. We apply unique and creative solutions to realize the dreams of each home owner through our technical expertise and personalized approach.


Customers and retailers alike desire welcoming, dynamic, and engaging environments that make a connection with the brand image in both style and design. Whether a grocery store, a small tenant fit-out, a luxury mall, or a big-box store, our clients can rely on us to deliver high-quality results and fresh thinking to each project. We understand the competitive nature of the retail market and we tailor our mechanical designs to our clients' commercial and business requirements, helping to create outstanding retail spaces.


Seamless delivery and a commitment to the latest technologies in sustainability and functionality are critical to successful public sector projects. Mechanical systems for federal and local government facilities must balance many priorities while making the most of public funds. We work side by side with our clients and all stakeholders to deliver comprehensive and cost-effective designs that meet the needs of the community.