Water is essential to life and we understand that plumbing solutions in all types of buildings are critical to public health and wellness. We also know that water is a valuable natural resource and we include low-flow and water efficient plumbing fixtures wherever possible. A large amount of energy used by today's buildings comes from heating water, making energy-efficient means of hot water production a top priority as well. We design safe and reliable plumbing systems for many types of buildings.

Our Plumbing Service Offerings Include:

  • Design, plans, and specifications for new construction, renovation, and repair
  • Expertise in the following system types
    • Domestic cold water service and distribution
    • Domestic hot water distribution and recirculation
    • Variable speed domestic cold and hot water booster pumps
    • Sanitary waste and vent
    • Storm drainage
    • Foodservice plumbing
    • Gas piping and distribution
    • Hot water generation
      • Solar hot water heating
      • Water heating heat pumps
      • Heat recovery water heating
      • Condensing gas boilers
      • Instantaneous gas and electric water heaters
      • Parallel and series hot water storage tank piping configurations
    • Alternate water sources for nonpotable applications
      • Rainwater catchment systems
      • Reclaimed (recycled) water systems
      • Gray water systems
  • Low-flow and water efficient plumbing fixtures
  • Pipe condition assessment and analysis for existing structures
  • Design and management of building-wide pipe replacement projects
  • Designs that comply with applicable codes and follow industry standards and guidelines