Project Management

The consistent framework that we apply for project management enables us to organize, execute, and communicate effectively to deliver outstanding results. Additionally, our strong commitment to detailed planning forms a solid foundation for successful control of quality, time, and budget on our projects. Technical expertise and proven methodology - combined.

Our Project Management Service Offerings Include:

  • Detailed project planning, resulting in successful

    • Timeline and schedule administration

    • Resource and cost management

    • Adherence to project budget

  • Utilization of Critical Path Method to identify key milestones and meet project deadlines

  • Effective and punctual communication with key stakeholders

  • Inter-discipline coordination and overall quality control

  • Building permit assistance and submittal to the authorities having jurisdiction

  • Vendor management support

    • Preparation and listing of qualified bidders

    • Pre-bid conferences and site walks

    • Solicitation of bids and procurement of contractors

    • Assistance with contractor agreements and negotiations

    • Prudent review and approval of pay applications

    • Selection and appointment of subconsultants

  • Careful identification, evaluation, and mitigation of risks and issues affecting projects

  • Timely and concise reporting of project updates and status

  • Efficient change control process for considering and assessing project changes

  • Synchronization of project tasks, activities, and operations