Energy Modeling

We have extensive experience with building energy modeling which helps our clients evaluate the energy consumption of their new and existing facilities. Energy modeling is also very useful when comparing different efficiency options through life cycle cost analysis. Many green building rating systems, such as LEED, require energy modeling simulation in order to predict energy savings versus a baseline building. An energy model is only as accurate as the input information and we take great care in getting the numbers right for our clients.

Our Energy Modeling Service Offerings Include:

  • Energy modeling for new construction, renovation, and retrofit
  • Utilization of top-of-the-line energy simulation software - Trane TRACE 700
  • LEED Energy and Atmosphere Whole Building Energy Simulation
  • HI-CHPS Superior Energy Performance Simulation
  • ASHRAE 90.1 "Appendix G" methodology
  • International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Total Building Performance Energy Analysis
  • International Green Construction Code (IgCC) and ASHRAE 189.1 Analysis
  • Comparison of efficiency options through life-cycle cost analysis
  • Careful simulation inputs in order to maximize accuracy of final results