Commissioning (Cx)

Commissioning is a processes that is quality-focused and enhances the delivery of a project. We use the commissioning process to verify and document that our clients' facilities and all of their systems and assemblies meet the Owner's Project Requirements through proper planning, design, installation, testing, operation, and maintenance. This means that a fully developed and implemented commissioning program is the owner's ultimate quality tool. The process of commissioning can also enhance existing buildings through retro- and re-commissioning.

Our Commissioning Service Offerings Include:

  • Development, coordination, and execution of commissioning-related project documents, specifications, and procedures
    • Owner's Project Requirements
    • Basis of Design Documents
    • Commissioning Scoping Meetings
    • Commissioning Plan
    • Contract Specifications
    • Design Document Reviews
    • Contractor Submittal Reviews
    • Prefunctional Checklists and Startup Procedures
    • Construction Site Observations
    • Functional Performance Testing and Verification Procedures
    • Reporting of Deficiencies and Verification of Resolutions
    • Operations and Maintenance Manual
    • Development of Systems Manual
    • Training and Orientation of Facility Managers and Maintenance Staff
    • Commissioning Report
    • Verification of performance after completion of construction
  • Fundamental and Enhanced Commissioning for LEED projects
  • Commissioning requirements and tasks for other rating systems, such as HI-CHPS
  • Retro-Commissioning for facilities that were not previously commissioned
  • Re-Commissioning as part of an ongoing commissioning process or triggered by other needs
  • Cooperation with Hawaii Energy to utilize incentives that help finance commissioning costs